Viral on youtube by Benedict Sachdev. A good review by him, please support by streaming more and more.

The competition between big boys are very apparent. Industry reviewer claimed that the market already saturated , hence they need to really be careful to launch or revised a product to really capitalised and attract the market.

Since the market is quite slow, they either have to steal from other competitor or invest in a blue ocean. In order to steal, they need to know what their customer want.

Malaysian customer is purely base on sentiment. Economy is not good, then should saving more. Hence, Malaysian are looking something that affordable. Of course the cheapest of all. They are also clever enough to purchase base on other criteria as well.

Most of the people around has smart phone. Data and smart phone are inter related. We can’t go anywhere around the globe ,surfing  internet without data. Customer shall find the best offering with combination of Data and Price.

Today, world is so advance that we can have apps, that offers feature to make calls and in future video calls. Video call, even if it was not real time, we still can record offline, then send to the intended recipient. Just Buzz for expecting reply. In case of emergency then just call via Whatsapp.

Data coverage is getting better nowadays, covering every inch of land in Malaysia. Thanks to Domestic Roaming among Telcos. In central area, data quality is even better with good speed with less interruption. They are the active user of data. Also the cannibal of the bandwidth. Hence this group of people shall consider any traditional voice call, sms as irrelevant.

Conclusion, if any of the big boys want to win, then the combination of Price + Data would be the best bet. Why not, try to give more values like Price + Data + Smartphone? Does Zerolution or Newphone is enough?

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