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TMGuru is a blog and website to share news, reviews, critic and knowledge on various core domain especially IT, Telecommunication and Digital.

Our vision is to provide laymen insight from Malaysian perceptive and bring you to the deeper outlook of the topic addressed. Having said that, all the process should be done in leisure set up and not formal, to promote participation  and input among readers from all level and background. Any  resource and reference used shall be linked back.

We also shall expand our topics to discuss on core + domain i.e. Lifestyle and Entertainment , and latest social media  trending as well but will not be done actively.

We would like to listen from you guys as well and welcome to comment. However, please do it in constructive & positive manner, respect the sensitivity of our culture, religion and multi racial values. We don’t have to be a language Nazi, since this is a leisure medium to send across the points. As long it reached then should be ok enough .

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