Netflix is a popular TV streaming application. It has a lot of content that surely can fascinate all subscribers. Most of the content for its TV shows are quite up to date. This is the key factor that I subscribe since I’m looking for up to date content and good movies.

My favourite TV Shows for the time being are Under the Dome, Arrow and Zombie. Unfortunately we don’t have K-Drama here, so I missed my Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea. I also watched movies like World War Z and I am Legend. Nah, you see now that I’m Zombie fanatic.

As for the experience using Netflix, the quality of the picture is very good. My account is under HD package and with my 30MBps Internet line, is more than good enough to stream without interruption. This apps also has On the Go features, that you can access anywhere as long as you get it installed. Right now, I have accessed from multiple devices like smartphones and Samsung TV. Other than that, it also flag and keep our history. Meaning that , if I have watched an episode up to 35 minute and the stop to go outing, I can continue and resume once I reach back home.

Overall, I’m a satisfied user and shall continue my monthly billing. Looking forwards for more good shows via this Apps before can decide to stop my Astro.


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