Dubsmash is a Genius Apps. Dubsmash has become a global trending nowadays. Has boomed the world since its launched in November 2014.


Simplicity of Use

It is a video selfie apps for smartphone that allows you to lip sync based on voice profile or scene provided by dubsmash platform or shared by other users.  Hence giving us a facility to recreate a fresh video scene or even parody by dubbing the voice of original artist voice, movie, singing etc. Then, you can upload on Social Media and share.


Creator of Dubsmash
Indeed, the apps functionality is very simple and easy to use for anyone. A brilliant idea created by German developers namely Jonas Drupel, Roland Grenke, Daniel Taschik. Thanks dude, you are giving us a chance to be an artist in a split seconds.

Dubsmash Creator

Dubsmash Creator

(Note: Photo link from Forbes  )


Dubsmash Mania
It will be rare if you finished your day without having dubsmash video appear in your timeline while browsing Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. It is nice to see when you were alone in Mamak restaurant, and after watching it for 11 to 15 seconds, then you burst and laugh out loud. Indeed is has become normal right.


Weird Syndrome
Clearly dubsmash video is just a lip sync. How it can become so popular? Is it because of easy accessible to download and use? Or since it penetrate larger of users and audience, hence generating higher potential of dubsmash artist who able to create value that entertain us?. different from stereotype?



Dubsmash in Malaysia
In Malaysia , we have many dubsmash  artist with quite strong follower  as well. Nizam, Ucopp, Faizdickie just to name a few, do have a lot of dubsmash with good humor and very creative as well. Most of the ‘storyline’ they bring is much unpredicted but end up well with big smile. This is the result of what we have addressed earlier.


Discovery of new talent.

New artists coming from Dubsmah.





Faizdickie & Sarabanon



Which one is your favorite? I ‘m with Sarabanon . 🙂

Don’t you think to have a dubsmash too?  *  Obama Parody? *.


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