Do you know what ebay is? To be true, some of us, never heard about ebay. However we get use to, etc. Simply says, Ebay is an online Marketplace that allow you to do auction, buy and sell to or from anywhere locally, internationally as long as your local shipping can receive and deliver your items.

Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, its base located in California, USA. Currently the key top management are Thomas J. Tierney (Chairman) and Devin Wenig (CEO). The name ‘Ebay’ is given by the founder. Originally he planned to use ‘Echo Bay’ which is the name of his computer consulting company however the name is already taken.

Ebay is good, since it allows us to have convenience shopping. It is free for all buyer, but for the seller may has some FEE. Many has become rich via Ebay and sure some of us has flopped as well if we do not do it righly. Hence, if we can do good strategy to do business on Ebay and has good item to market then we should do it soonest possible.

I am so happy to share below video youtube that I found while surfing on the internet.  She explain tips on how to a successful entrepreneur via Ebay. We should have a look since it will give us the idea on what thing should we do and what should not.



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