Food Review: Serai, Jaya Shopping Centre EPISODE 3 – Heart of A Warrior, Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Food Review; Yummeh

What do you see it? The colour? Or the cake?

I see a dominant colour. A bright Red, truly a colour of Love. Women are always associate red colour with their strong feeling towards special one. Pure feeling and boundlessly.

Unlike men, they see red as a colour of bravery and strong fighting spirit.


Hence if we convert into simple Maths and hypothesis:

Red for women = A colour of love

Red for men = A colour of bravery

So, Women’s red + men’ red? = ?

Conclusion is that, Men will have a hard time to fight for love since women will be so queen control and paranoid due to boundless love. Haaa. That is why, Men who dare to accept love is actually a warrior .




Gorgeous look baby

What do you see? Motivation!

I’m so motivated to taste their red velvet after this display. Let’s have a look what has come on our table after we order a slice.


Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Definitely it has a perfect look. So gorgeous.

The red colour is just right. A red brick colour. Not too bright  and not that pale as well. We have at other restaurant which was so striking red. Perhaps because of purposely overly chemical.

It has layers on top of each other and bind with cream cheese frosting. Yellowish cheese cream colour just complement the red and overall look so Awesome! The way they slice the cake is also nice.Of course, it demand a skill to slice a cake. Believe us! Ask your mate to slice and cut  then see how does it look.

Three layers of red velvet is just quite big that we need to share. Tall measure at 5 to 6 Inches perhaps. Look how they positioned the cake on the plate? Right in the middle. Just how it should be done.




The moment of truth

Now, time for a taste… Grab your spoon please and close your eyes. Then just embrace it… yummy

The texture was quite dense but not dry. I’m expecting  something which is more tender and moist.

It was really a traditional  Red Velvet taste  profile we have here , but  a bit bitter and light . Not overly sweet which is good.

Cream cheese frosting was just nice with expected colour. Soft and light. I have not taste anything surprise like mix or zest of  lemon or orange .

Overall combination was good. A very classic taste of Red Velvet.

It would be be nice if we have drizzle of chocolate sauce at the bottom.


Our final say

I prefer this one compare to Secret Recipe ( 7 of 10)  but we have a better red velvet in Foodsbury Section 9, Shah Alam. ( 8 of 10). So this one should be any in between.

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