Our first order was Nasi Kerabu. One of our favorite dish, wherever we go.  Though we are not Kelantanese, it’s variety of component really fascinate us. I do feel that it was a healthy dish though. At least way better than Nasi Lemak


Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu


Element in the food

A bluish coloured rice. The blue colour is definitely not because of artificial colour and surely not clothing chemical, but extracted naturally from blue bunga telang / “butterfly pea”. In our dish was not strong blue, but it’s ok. Still warmth though. I prefer strong deep blue by the way. Just that I could feel myself as avatar somehow. The rice itself was just nice, and cooked perfectly. Smell was also good. Fresh and flower like. In Kelantan they are also have it yellow.


Ayam percik , Marinated with all kind of spice that I can’t really tell the ingredient and roasted with goodness. we still can tasted its crispiness and tenderness altogether. Its gravy also tasted rich and  good.


Keropok/”Fish Cracker”. I believe it was just the anywhere everywhere Keropok that you could find anywhere but i was key part in  nasi kerabu. The fun fries shape should give you good feeling too by crunching it bit by bit.


Telur Masin/”Salted Egg”. Don’t tell me that you don’t know how it taste like.


Solok Lada.  A must have element in Nasi Kerabu or else the dish would not be complete. The chillies was used as stuffing for ikan kembung and grated coconut. FYI, not all type of Chillies is suitable to stuff . I believe Kelantanese knows better. This one, the taste of fish was quite apparent. I like it that way.


Ulam ulam/”Salad” Mixed of herbs and vegetables. We have beans, kesom, lemongrass, cabbage etc. It will bring freshness in the dish. Since I myself love ulam ulam, surely this so complement with the richness of gravy and all the other elements. I missed my cucumber!


Budu/”Salted Fish Sauce”was also served. The taste was very well balanced. It was not really salty at all.


Serunding Ikan/”Fish Floss” …The final element of Nasi Kerabu that we have.


So many elements and imagine how to cook it .


Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu

Tasting moment

I used to enjoy each element one by one. It tasted good by itself, but my friends told me that, eating Nasi Kerabu should follow its special ceremony and adat. They said, we need to mixed all the elements together, then only we eat.


Yes, when we do that, I found the taste was so good and elevate our dining experience. It was like thousands of flavours complement each other and burst in your mouth.  We have fish, chicken, spice, herb, ulam, rice all together. Just embrace it.


Nasi Kerabu, Serai was so good. It was fresh, at the time they serve it, the rice still felt warm. All the element was about right. The mix and combination of everything will explode your taste with musical eating experience. Anyone who hate Nasi Kerabu before, when you have it here, I promise you will be “turned” .  It was among the top best Nasi Kerabu so far, that we have in Klang Valley.


If not better, just as good as the best home made Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan during our visit over there.  Really recommend you guys to have it here. If you were an expat or tourist visiting Malaysia, definitely you don’t want to miss!. It is that good.



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