We manage to have a surprised visit to our dear friends in Shah Alam last weekend.  As return, she also invited us to try for a new cafe in town…. Bert’s Cafe. *in my mind, Cartoon just pop out*

Of course we were very excited once we knew it. Never thought she shall bring us to a new venue for lunch. “Mati-mati” we asked her to “masak masak” actually. Since she is very good in cooking for Malay Cuisine.


To cut it short , Bert’s Cafe is a nice place if you would like to bring someone special or with family. The enviroment is simple with several wooden seat and table. Not that pack and has air cond area inside. We have a Makcik over there who in charge, and she is very nice and welcoming.*Is she the owner?, Makcik in 50s or age with spectacles, we also have abang2 over there but they are more like her assistance to serve, clean and stuff* So friendly to brief all the menu is about. She is very a mother like, and get me even more excited to place my order.

They have a wide variety of choices. We did try many foods and would like to recommended following:

  • Nasi Lemak Ayam
  • Kari Kapitan
  • Roti Jala
  • Drink: Chocolate Ice Marshmallow
  • Dessert: Super Meringue Sundae *Superb*


Super Meringue Pavlova

Super Meringue Pavlova


Photo taken using Samsung Note 4.


Base on taste perspective, to me, it were all good. Nasi Lemak Ayam is quite. Sambal is not that spicy, the rice itself is not that fatty, just nice. ayam we have 2 parts Thigh and Drumstick. The portion is quite big actually.

Super Meringue Sunday.. Looks simple but yummy.. Combination of pavlova, ice cream, a little bit of chocholate sauce, cream, some little fruits…  all the elements just complement each other, and overall taste very good. I prefer to have more chocolate, actually.

Chocolate Ice Marshmally.. we can do it on our own at home, but this one is and ok drink.

Price…. hmmm I do think it’s quite pricey. Since we have Kedai mamak nearby  Hehe so not apple to apple* . But it’s worth it for Cafe standard like that around Lembah Klang.


Operation Hour: I’m sure but I believe open every day except Monday.





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