Hi Guys,

# I just tried a new venue for Breakfast. Imagine, when you have a morning rushing towards office, and would like to ‘singgah’ a kind of fast food serve while on the way, this place is just Ok 🙂

# Where else if not Old Town White Coffee.

# Location NKVE, Kota Damansara, Shell Petrol Station. Old Town just beside the KFC and Mesra. Got it ?.



Scenery While Waiting


# Not quite a good view though. I always try to find somewhere else.

# Why? I can see many people running here and there in hurry like the world will be end in seconds.

# Inside, normally in the morning it will be very pack.

# Well how about this?




# Better, isn’t it. Peaceful.

# Surrounded by trees, not so many car moving.

# Aiya, I forgot about my order, already

# My favourite here, is  of course B13 if you refer to the Menu.

# Simple Bread , Teh Tarik, Hard boiled Eggs.




# This one is  hot , crunchy and crispy.

# You need to ask the waiter to quickly serve to you so that you can enjoy better.

# Even if the waiter is busy, just tell that.




# Of course teh tarik. What else do you want? Mamak style!.

# Most of the time, the teh tarik is fit with my liking. However, on bad days, sometimes I got the milk  was overly mix.




# Better view isn’t it. 🙂




# Last but not least, hard boiled egg.

# I’m expecting hard boiled egg actually. I can’t imagine that I need to always tell them how I need it to be in order for them to get it right.

# This one is under cook for me.

# Overall, Boleh la….

# Good Morning…




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