Excerpt from Malaymail with the write up about Maxis strategic move to gain back the trust of their customer. Not much to say about it. Since everyone knows already.


When the other competitors keep on revising and enhance their offering to battle for customer satisfaction from product and pricing perspective, Maxis remain confident that their Premium branding will make their subscribers to stay regardless outdated offering that they have.

If this is happening 5 years back, then should still relevant. However, due to economic outlook that is not so positive and challenging here in Malaysia, we have no choice but to exercise smart spending and to save as much as possible.

We can see each of us have to do a lot of budget cutting and adjustment. This is something we have to do it accordingly to complement with our need and priority. Of course to pay bills and line commitment will be one of them

Incident that viral for quite sometimes, when there are customers ported out, but given a ‘promo counter offers’ that loyal customer can’t enjoy has truly make the situation worse. Well, that is about it, when customer rage. It’s not too late though. Loosing almost 1Million for past 12 month could indicate something.

It is a statement of winning for the users and customers

Customer  1 , Maxis 0


To gain back its reputation, Maxis offers significant change to their product.


Credit to Maxis website

RM98 with Unlimited Calls and SMS should be fine enough. 5GB is considered good as well, even better if we can carry forwards. They also have revising their other plans as well. Take a look on their website. To know whether this strategy shall work?, let’s customer give the answer.


Our Review

Nah.. Maxis will come back 🙂 ,What do you think?


  • Diamond Blink

    Maxis still showing good momentum, after rectification done. congratz maxis

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