Netflix is a streaming service provider for Movies and TV series. Founded on August 29, 1997, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Currently it based in California, US and the key top management are Reed Hastings (CEO) and Ted Sarandos (CCO).

In this millennium era, Netflix has reached us in Malaysia and anywhere around the globe with its Apps, that support both Android and Apple IOS. Hence, the market is border less for us to enjoy and get benefit from the latest technology and creative entertainment production.

Netflix is older than Google when it came only a year after. Currently, there are around 70 million subscribers from worldwide who subscribe to Netflix. Measuring its revenue growth for the year 2015 was USD $6.7 Billion, shows how big it is. In fact, in US , its already become bigger than all Cable TV.

Other interesting fact is that, Netflix has won popular Emmy award in 2013. “House of Cards” won ‘Outstanding Directing for a Drama’ and marked as the first online series to win. This is proof, that the culture and trend nowadays has changed. The emerging of digital technology may shape our future for the better and at the same time may open for new opportunities.

Honestly, we are really hoping that TM ( Unifi ) and any Telco Malaysia shall join venture with Netflix. So that, and of their subscribers can get their Netflix monthly fee waved. Personally I would love to buy a Telco Plan with special VAS packed with Iflix, Netflix etc.

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