Can you imagine doing business has become simple when we have online banking ?. Merely by several clicks, then our transaction done, safely and secured.

We don’t have to be worry to remember and find our very lengthy credit card number or to find any nearby bank just to transfer our money to the merchant. Online means, we can do it any time and anywhere as long as you are get connected.


Paypal, is one of the online merchant that provide us facility to manage our payment or transaction. It is known as one of the largest internet payment company and based in California, USA. Founded 18 years ago , December 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery. The current key management for this company are John Donahoe ( Chairman) and Dan Schulman ( CEO ) .

Base on my experience myself, I have never experience any issue so far to do any online payment via its website. Even as a retailer on Ebay, I find it more convincing to use Paypal as main payment channel. It is just that, I do believe the fee that Paypal charge is quite high. Imagine that Ebay also has its fee charge too. Hence the combine fee from both should be considered carefully.

If you never register, then please register now.

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