Smule is a booming Apps and has become a big trend nowadays. However, not many people know that, actually Smule itself is a company name that started on the Summer 2008. Based in San Francisco, California and now standing tall with the total of 90 employees .

Its core business and focus is mobile apps development. Already producing quite a number of social music apps for multi platform like IOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Ocarina was their first apps launched.

Jeff Smith and Ge Wang are the founders of this amazing and inspiring company. Let’s have a sneak peak.

Special appearance on youtube.

Key viewpoint

Mobile App, is very powerful and shall change and influence the way we do stuff
Product? Think of the target user, user experience

In Malaysia, we only heard about Smule this year, 2016 when one of their App , Sing! Karaoke has produced hundreds if not thousands of upload on instagram.

It is very easy and user friendly that all we have to do is to karaoke. We do have option to do it Solo or Duet with any participant that has registered and pre recorded. Edit a little bit with provided vocal filters. Once finished, we can share with others and upload. Then, let the social media platform do the thing to get it viral.

Same concept like dubsmash but this one is with different niche and features.

Although we have youtube and accessible via online, still the major contributor that really has make it successfully popular was the social media apps i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter . Almost all smartphone users in Malaysia, shall have either one of this social media app regardless our generation, level education and background.

We do love entertainment, and new millennium generation nowadays love to sing. Their passion in vocal and music nowadays has tremendously getting bigger and better. Many thanks to Akademi Fantasia and all other Reality Singing Competitions. Hence, there are a lot of quality karaoke or covers that are very entertaining to listen to.

Question is?

While smule becoming a big hit with the help of social media apps, then is that means, youtube shall be replaced?.

We don’t think so. Both have their own different approach and niche. Worth to say that both shall complement each other.


What happen to dubsmash ?

We do think that it has slowing down. Now is the time for Smule to shine and enjoy the limelight . That is the trending now. To see what future will bring to us next, would be very interesting.

Meanwhile, we present you the most Popular ‘Smule’ covers in Malaysia


1# Khai Bahar


No 2# Sheryl Shazwanie


No 3# Zaroll Zariff

Our favourite?

Of course , Zaroll Zariff and Zila Seeron

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