A living legend and the greatest women’s squash player of all time. That is the best description about her. She has won eight World Championship and 5 British Open. Equally as good if compare to Jahangir Khan who has won  6 World Championship and 10 British Open. During her peak time, she was so dominant and almost unbeatable. The best moment to watch was her great rivalry against Natalie Grinham with David leading their overall head-to-head 29–7.

Nicol David was born on 26 August 1983. A Malaysian with Penang as her hometown. During her school days, Mathematics was one of her favourite subject. Not only she is good in sports but as well in her studies that she obtained 7 As in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (the equivalent to GCSE).

She started her journey as a squash player as early 5 years old. Since then she has enrolled in the systematic coaching programme that really polished her skill and boost performance in the very tender age. Although sometimes, it was a roller coaster ride for Nicol during the tournament circuit in her years of Squash , but she always manage to find a way on how to improve and reclaim back her top spot. However, the most notable transformation happened to Nicol was after her partnership with Liz Irving. With her guidance, Nicol performance has shown tremendous improvement and maintaining high consistency of winning.

Truly to Malaysian, she is a real  champion and has aspire many youngsters to work hard and go all out to achieve our goal and dreams. Congratulation Nicol David.




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