Digi is one of the Big 3 in Malaysian Mobile Telecommunication Scene. Founded in 1995, and owned in majority by Telenor Norway. Albern Murty (CEO) and Sigve Brekke (Chairman) are the key top management. It based in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Its core  services are various and covering segment of Postpaid, Prepaid, device and many more. As the strongest 4G network coverage provider in Klang Valley, Digi is famous with product like  Digi Prepaid Live & BEST ( Prepaid) and Digi Post 80 ( Postpaid). In Malaysia, Digi is always known as a prominent leader in Prepaid segment.

As of Q3 2016, Digi is standing tall with its 12.25Million customer base , which is 34.55% of the market share. Most of the revenue contributed by Prepaid Segment and the same trend also is same with other Telco as well. Base on Q3 2016, revenue wise, Digi is capturing 30.24% of the market.

Career wise, Digi offers variety of fields for the employee like Sales, Marketing,Digital, IT, Networking, Finance. Base on malaysias100.com, Digi ranked as 78th among, most wanted employer as of 2016.


Digi Logo

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